Startup Accelerator

We provide seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you’re getting started.
At Yubini our goal is to get you through the first phase. This usually means: get you to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. Then we can introduce you to later stage investors—or occasionally even acquirers.

More Than Money
We make small investments in return for small stakes in the companies we fund.

All venture investors supply some combination of money and help. In our case the money is by far the smaller component. In fact, many of the startups we fund don’t need the money. We just improve on the startups and make them better ready for more investments.

  • Want to build a startup company
  • Mentorship program?
  • Investor?


  • Business development
  • Personality development


  • Startup Basecamp, U.S.A
  • Impact Hub, Berlin
  • SIP Edo, Nigeria

" More Than Money "
We make small investments in return for small stakes in the companies we fund.

Our mission has become clear, to help individuals and their businesses thrive by doing what we love to do: Startups and Software development.

We got to know that small businesses require few major ingredients for success. An excellent knowledge of the business such as customer service, and a responsive internet website and these are what our clients get from us plus on-the-hour responsive services. These two components make Yubini not just another tech company but in the business of building companies and seeing them scale.

Our Approach

We build startups differently. 75% of startup capital gets lost due to misguided engineering, marketing, and product development efforts. We are here to give a head start. Building a global innovation platform for startups, corporations, and investors.

Annually we have tens of startups come to us and we engage in training, investment , and running industry-specific accelerator programs to help them grow faster. While training, we connect corporate partners to the startups that are directly impacting their space. These introductions help both parties thrive together through investments, pilot scheme and mutual growth. Match that with our networking events and startups meetings, hubs and corporate introductions, we are part of a fast growing startup ecosystem in Nigeria.

Within our programs, we connect startups with our partners. These introductions help both parties thrive together through investments, acquisitions, and mutual growth. By seeing which startups work with our partners well, we network companies for events locally and in Europe and in the U.S with leading European and Silicon Valley VC partners. Match that with more than 365 networking events per year, on-demand office space, and corporate introductions, we have created the ultimate startup ecosystem.

We are becoming a leading startup accelerator

6 years ago, we came up with the idea of building an Etrepreneurship ecosystem amongst Students that gave them the best possible chance to succeed from Undergraduates to young people in Communities.

Today, we run what we call SESATS 12-week Incubator and a weekend Accelerator programs throughout the year which produce unbelievable success stories every day.
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