About Yubini

Our story

We have been around as a Company for over 12 years with the sole mission to help small businesses and clients around the country and globally make their mark in business and get solutions to whatever they require in what we do. We started from selling computers, to Networking and internet service provision. Delving deeper into IT Solutions, building corporate websites through Alternative Power to Business Solutions.

Our mission has become clear, to help individuals and their businesses thrive by doing what we love to do: Startups and Software development.

We got to know that small businesses require few major ingredients for success. An excellent knowledge of the business such as customer service, and a responsive internet website and these are what our clients get from us plus on-the-hour responsive services. These two components make Yubini not just another tech company but in the business of building companies and seeing them scale.

Yubini Integrated Global Limited is Made in Nigeria with 2 Core Solutions Company :

1. Startup Accelerator

We provide seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you’re getting started.

2. Software Development

We are a team of talented software architects, developers, designers and strategists that simplify even the most complex business challenges through technology. We are here to build your next Idea.